First day of Summer

So as has affectionately reminded all of us today, it’s the first day of summer.  Being a member of the collegiate community, my summer “vacation” started over a month ago.  But who’s counting?

With this special day–and seven hours at a desk at work needing to be filled–I’ve come up with a list.  A list I’m sure I’ll update over the next month as I think of more things.

This is a list of things I’d like to do–or learn to do–over the course of the summer.  Specifically before classes start in the fall.

Crack an egg with one hand

Bake three distinct types of cookies–from scratch

Earn an A in my summer session class

Decorate my room

Learn to make meatballs

Go to a zoo

See penguins

Phillies vs. Red Sox Baseball game

See fireworks

As I write out the list, I realize my boyfriend will have to show me how to do at least half of these.  If not more.  Get excited, Paul.


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