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I’d rather be tailgating.

I’d much rather be down south for the Phillies game tonight–and tailgating at this very moment–than studying for this insane exam.

Yes, I chew my pen caps

At 4:30 PM, I have an exam in Gender, Race, and Class in the Media, that will basically determine my GPA for this semester.  I need better than a 78. My professor does not stand for BS answers.  She hunts them out like a pro.  I’ve been reading nearly a hundred articles for this exam.  My memory is spread thin.  I feel like it’s about to combust.

Sadly, while studying my mind keeps drifting to whether or not Kyle Kendrick will pitch better than his last start.


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Phillies bring the Bats

In their home-opener of the 2010 season, the Phillies proved that their line-up is a dominant force to be reckoned with.  Starting pitcher, Cole Hamels let up four runs by the fourth inning.  But the Phils rallied back from the 4-0 deficit to the Nationals with a five-run fifth inning led by third-basemen Polanco, and second-basemen Utley.

Chase Utley watches his two-run home run

This is one of the many reasons I love the Phillies.  They provide a good game.  I never lose faith in them.

Even with Jimmy Rollins scratched out of the top of the order just minutes before the game.  There was a noticeable shift in the crowd when Juan Castro ran out on the field to take the short-stop’s place.  During warm-ups, Rollins strained his right calf.

Hamels at the mound

The list of injuries grew when in the sixth inning, right-fielder Jayson Werth left the game with a tweaked left hip-flexor.  Ben Francisco took his place in the outfield for the rest of the game and all signs point to Werth exiting for simple precautionary reasons.

Although Hamels’ home-opening start was rocky, he recovered.  Pitched a perfect fifth, and secured two outs before handing the game over to the ‘pen in the sixth.

But clearly not even injuries can deter the Phillies offense from bringing the bats.  The Fightin’s are 6-1, with 50 runs scored in those first 7 games.

Being stuck in North Jersey, Phillies games are out of my market.  Unfortunately, I’m stuck with the Yankees or the Mets.  I do have a somewhat solution to the problem–I get Phillies update texts sent to my phone during the games.  There is nothing more exciting than having your phone vibrate for about ten minutes straight when the Phils have an explosion of runs like they did in the fifth on Monday.

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First Loss of the Season

Anyone who’s been a Phillies fan for a decent amount of time knows what a loss feels like.  Tonight was the first loss of the season for the Phils.  6-5 in Washington at Nationals Park.

Each loss hurts–be it the first or the last, by a little or a lot–no matter the circumstances they still sting a bit and leave one wondering where they went wrong.

Tonight was no different.  The Phillies battled, tied the game, but just couldn’t come back all the way.

Tonight in Washington was also Kyle Kendrick’s job to secure the Phillies sweep of the Nationals.

The game clearly did not go as he had hoped.

Kendrick replaced fellow pitcher Joe Blanton–on the disabled list with a strained oblique–and allowed six hits and five runs in four innings.

Something tells me once Blanton is back and healthy, Kendrick may be sent back down to the minors…

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Welcome (Back) to the Phillies

Welcome (Back) to the Phillies, Placido Polanco.  With a Grand Slam in the 7th against the Nationals in their Home Opener yesterday, the third-basemen secured his spot as a Phillie.

Polanco watching his Grand-slam

Although, he’s not exactly a new addition, like Doc Halladay.  The Phillies traded Polanco to Detroit back in 2005, and this season he’s back–taking the place of Pedro Feliz.

The Phils went on to win their first game of the season 11-1 in Washington.

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Baseball is back

Everyone can now take a huge sigh of relief.  Baseball has returned to our lives.

If anyone one else is like me, you’ve sank into a depression since November, and the only cure is Opening Day.  Yes, I do follow baseball year-round.  Watching trades, monitoring off-season surgeries.  And I also get very excited when spring training begins.  However, nothing makes me happier than to say  “Phuck yes, It’s Phillies season!”

I found cheap tickets ($2, to be precise) to the last exhibition game held in Citizen’s Bank Park before the season officially started.  So Ali, Tyler, TJ, Coleman and Ali’s two friends–Jake and Nikki–and I enjoyed an afternoon of tailgating and Phillies.  We set our alarms, packed my car, and got to our usual spot (Lot M) bright and early to start the celebration.  We tailgated for a few hours before the 1:05 game.  I even showed off my masterful skills in a gentleman’s game of wiffle ball.

This should be framed for all of eternity.

Yes, there was no actual 'wiffle ball', we were forced to use bean bags.

"No pictures, please."

Team Blue

I’ll be one of the first to say, there really are no “bad-seats” in the Bank.  We were on the upper deck in 309.  I know Coleman wouldn’t argue.  He’d originally met us in the parking lot just to tailgate.  But Ali bought a $10 ticket from a scalper outside the park as we walked in.  I hope you enjoyed missing you’re little brother’s birthday for a Phillies game, Coleman!

TJ is sporting women’s MY sunglasses, while Coleman is actually sporting somewhat of a smile.  For those of you who don’t know Mr. Coleman.  He has no first name, and is the most evil heathen ever.  Not really.  But he finds humor in the most devious aspects of life.

So now that the season has begun, I feel just a little bit happier.  It’s as if my life has purpose again–to follow each and every game, pitch, home run, walk, hit, ball and strike from now until October.  Go Phils!

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