The Honeymoon Stage

My boyfriend said he doesn’t believe in the honeymoon stage.  Regardless if I agree with him or not, I refuse to argue with him.  In my head, that’s a pretty sweet thing to say.

Boyfriend’s beliefs aside, I took the time to decide if or when the honeymoon stage of our relationship passed.  The only evidence I have that we’ve exited the new relationship bliss is that we argue as if we’ve been dating for years.  The latest deals with that fact that he has a poker-face like no other.  I can never tell if he is kidding.  So when he jokes, I actually think he’s being mean.

“Liz, I’m obviously kidding.” “No!  It’s not obvious!

That interaction occurs daily.  I don’t think he gets the message.

Then I took into account that these arguments are about as ugly as kittens fighting.  Our paws are up, we’re batting at each other, but nothing’ really happening.  And any on-looker thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever.

Also, whenever I run out of things to say, I just meow.   Yes, you heard read me correctly.  My meows sound so authentic you’d think a calico was at your feet.

It doesn’t really help the cause at all.

I’m pretty sure we’re the cutest couple ever.  It’s disgusting.  After that picture above, he was upset for days over ruining such a nice photo of me.


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