Stand By Me – California Raisins

My good friend Aviva told me she has a blog.  I explained that I have one, too.  Before I could ask to see hers, she explained that the main reason she loves it is because no one she knows can see it.

She writes on her blog about her life, what’s happening, her issues, all that.  It’s like a diary, only many strangers have the option to see it online.

It must be very cathartic.

Being a girl is a burden.  There’s so much thought–brought on by perpetually over-thinking things–in our heads that it is just impossible to keep it all in.  More people should keep blogs.

I choose blogs over diaries for the mere fact that my hand tires easily when i write things out.  Typing is the lazy way out.  And even then, I rarely get around to it. (Notice my last post was New Years)

I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend that likes to hear me talk.  He actually gets worried when I don’t talk.  At least for the time being.  We’ve only been dating a couple months, soon his mind could change once we’ve eased out of that honeymoon stage.  (That prompts a new post idea!)

Blogs should be advertised as an anti-depressant.  A way to ward off insanity, to say the least.

Also, Aviva told me she titles her blogs posts with whatever song she’s listening to at the moment.  I thought it was pretty creative.


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