2010, we hardly knew ye

It’s 2011 already?  I remember 2010 like it was yesterday.


As I’ve learned from the week-long argument between my brother and his pint-sized girlfriend, not everyone feels the insatiable urge to end the year in an extravagant bash.  Like most ladies, she wanted to wear a nice dress.  He wanted to wear his bear-foot slippers and chef pants–probably not as popular.

I can say with almost complete certainty, and that is a gross exaggeration, that most people definitely do not ring in the new year with Prince karaoke.  That little treat we did all on our own.

You heard me correctly.

Purple Rain, Raspberry beret, Let’s Go Crazy, Kiss, 1999 (a necessity) and, oh yes, The Beautiful Ones.

Perhaps it was the 12 bottles of champagne.  Or the Beer.  Or maybe even the joyfulness of friends.  But the men at my house last night hit high notes that even an elf couldn’t achieve.  We left our shame and dignity in 2010.  It was truly magical.

So onto a new year.  It’s a big one for me.  I turn 21–in 30 days.  After that I hear it’s all down hill from there.  So perhaps it’s not the best thing that my birthday is so early in the year.  Oh well.


>insert cliche New Year’s resolution here<


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