Semester 5 is in the books

Another semester is done and gone.  September seemed to take forever, October flew by, November gave me a break, and December–well, December is still here.  And we all know how I feel about December from prior posts.

The semester as a whole was pretty low-key.  My laziness level reached epic proportions.  I limited my chances to imbibe to tailgating for football games, and a few nights here and there–including Halloween.  Here’s some proof…

I promise we had the other two.

Who knows what happened…  Perhaps I took school a little more seriously this semester?  I had a job, forcing me to work earlier hours.  Perhaps my circadian rhythm changed from night owl to early bird.  Bummer.

Any who, grades-wise thus far, I’ve gotten two A’s.  More evidence…

I mastered the Screen Capture on my Macbook

For those of you that don’t know, that’s a RECORD for me.

Last Spring, I received my first A in Labor Relations in Professional Sports.  It was a total jock class, filled with athletes.  But still, it was a fun class.

This semester, my A’s were in two legitimate classes.  Two classes actually actually counting towards my major in Journalism.  Broadcast News Writing & Writing for Print Media.  My major GPA has jumped to 3.7.  During exams, I only had two.  I just finished my last one hours ago.  The first one I studied night and day for about three days.  I got an 81, securing me a B for the class.  My brother, Matt, will be so proud of me!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m pretty excited about this.


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