Why I love this…

So I happened to be lucky enough to witness, in person at the Bank, one of the most inspirational and shocking 9th inning comebacks in baseball this past Friday.  Yes.  The game on July 9th against the Reds (for those of you struggling to catch up with me here).

Down 7-1.  A 9th inning, six-run rally to tie it.  Plus a walk-off homer in the tenth by Sir Ryan Howard.  Events like that leave a fan stuck with the only acceptable reaction–speechlessness.

Although I had been far from speechless.

My brother, my boyfriend, and I found our way to some two-hundred level standing room right behind home plate around the 8th inning.  Fully aware that this would be a perfect spot to view the Comcast Fireworks after the game–assuming the game was about to end soon in a sad, disappointing defeat.  Much to our happy surprise…No, no it wasn’t.

During this insane rally, we made friends with a friendly old man who worked as an usher at the park, we finally located my brother’s girlfriend Ali, and we screamed our lungs out after every home run.  No. Big. Deal.

By the tenth inning walk-off I was close to tears.  Honestly.  Looking around the ballpark, I was reminded just why I love the Phillies and why I love baseball.

While singing along with the great Harry Kalas to High Hopes, I felt like a kid at Christmas.  My boyfriend, Danny–a native of California and a growing Phillies fan–watched me sing (with a horrible cracking voice) at the top of my lungs with a giant smile on his face.  Who knows if that smile was out of embarrassment, adornment, or what else…

The theatrical fireworks after the game were a nice addition to an already amazing night.  Perhaps one of the best nights of my summer.


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