Werth. Shaved.

The scruff has come to an end.  At the beginning of Spring Training,  Jayson Werth arrived with a massive ode to masculinity.  His beard was the talk of the town.  And by town, I don’t just mean Clearwater, FL.  Phillies fans across the nation erupted in shock when the grizzly bear right-fielder showed up for practice.

I’m stuck in North Jersey, so my fill of Phillies madness is quite low.  I can only imagine how much more it was covered down south.  He’s a fan-favorite–topping Cole Hamels in the poles for “Hottest Phillie”.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only Phemale Phillies Phan to have an opinion on his facial transformations.

“Scruff” was an understatement for this man’s face.  Words like “Chewbacca”, “Grizzly Adams”, and “Wolf-man” seemed more fitting.  But, alas, his beard is no more.

I don’t know how visible it is in the picture, but it looks as though Werth has returned to him infamous “soul-strip”.  He famously sported the thin-lined goat-tee all season in 2009.  Perhaps the trim is more weather-friendly?  I can only imagine that beard would’ve been incredibly hot during those summer games as he stands in the outfield.  It certainly wasn’t aerodynamic, perhaps even inhibiting his amazing ability to steal second or third.  Or even Home!  As we know from his stunning display last May against the Dodgers.

click for video

In the end, this grooming is probably a good thing.  Scraggily, sweaty beards do not look good on anybody in the summer.  I imagine the amount of dirt from the infield that could possibly get into that thing while sliding would just be unmanageable.  The man has speed.  Anything that gets in the way is just bad.

I’m heading home to Philly for the last exhibition game on Saturday.  I can’t wait to see the Phillies in action for the first time this season.  I’ve been waiting since November for Baseball season to begin and it’s finally here…


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