Please make time move faster.

The DAY-FROM-HELL that lay ahead is completely unbearable.

So. that’s completely a lie.  But regardless, I am not looking forward to Thursday.  And then again, I really am looking forward to Thursday night.  Therein lies my conundrum.  My whole day is very busy, but immediately after it concludes…It’s Spring Break.  A much needed vacation to South Jersey/Philadelphia.

My schedule for Thursday, March 11th is as follows:

8:10 am – News Reporting and Writing class.  Every Monday and Thursday morning this class deprives me of my much needed sleep.  My professor is like Kramer from Seinfeld.  I’ve caught him wearing two different brown shoes.  Not once.  But three times.  I’m waiting for the day in which he wears one black and one brown shoe.

9:30 am–  Breakfast.  This part technically isn’t bad at all.  But then again, it is 9:30 in the MORNING.

10:00 am – 12:15 pm — Showering, studying, getting dressed, packing, etc…  and other mindless tasks that must be taken care of.

12:30 pm — Help Desk Job interview.  Busch Campus. Hill Center.    I desperately need a job for next semester.  And other semesters after.  Wish me luck…

1:10 pm — At this time I normally have French 102.  But my interview will most likely run into it, So, I’ve opted to skip French just this once to get in some more much needed study time.  Also, the classroom is very small.  It’s not exactly like I can just walk in late.  Professor Myriam Alami would probably ask me–in french–why I am so late and where I was.  I’m a terrible liar in English, how am I expected to do it in French?

2:50-3:50 pm — French Lab.  Yes.  I’m skipping French, but going to French Lab.  Lab is an even smaller class.  It’s only an hour a week. I might as well go.  and I literally just remembered we have a quiz scheduled.  Fantastic.

4:30– Sociology exam.  I’ve been studying for this all week.  Ilana and I have this class together.  I finish exams substantially quicker than everyone else in the room.  All 300 of them, in this classes case.  Afterwards, I stand outside the door and patiently for Ilana to finish so we can leave.

5:15…ish — Post-sociology exam = Dinner time!  Another non-bad part.  But its also another activity that stands between Me and going home.  Although…it is my last meal with Irana de Piranha for like 10 days.

7:15 pm — after a trivial argument-filled car-ride with my brother to class on Cook/Douglas, we have an exam.  Lovely.  Labor Relations in Professional Sports.  It’s interesting.  And fun to be in class with Steve.  But I won’t lie, I really want to do better than him on this exam.  I purposely typed up and emailed my notes to him so when i do, in fact, get a higher grade, he has no excuse.  Suck it, Steve.

8:30…ish — SOUTH JERSEY BOUND.  I’m quite excited to go home.  I miss it.  I miss my big room.  With a giant bed.  I miss quick, wireless internet.  I miss Milo–my cat.  I miss Philadelphia.  I miss food places like Five Guys, Sonic, Scottos, Cheeburger…and other incredibly fattening things.  I miss going out to public places and seeing everyone in Phillies attire–rather than Mets/Yankees.  I am in-debted to you, Mr. TJ Kaplan, for bringing me home and solving my travel woes.


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