A b-e-a-Utiful day.

The weather was stunningly gorgeous today.  So with a sociology exam glooming over Ilana and I scheduled for Thursday, the two of us ventured outside to study in the courtyard.

The quad courtyard is actually very pretty.  There were tons of kids outside doing the same thing we were.  Along with others playing frisbee, catch, guitar and other cliche college scene activities.  Notice I brought zebraPod with me. He doesn’t leave my pocket side.

In between highlighting chapters for Sociology 101, I took a few pictures of my surroundings.  Including Miss Ilana Bloom.  She makes a lovely subject.

Her iPod ruins the picture completely.  Or in her case…it “roons” the picture.  It was a little windy out.  As the sun set, I actually began to get a little cold.  But otherwise, the day was beautiful.  I’m still learning new settings with my camera.  Whenever I’m in the quad courtyard, I take a million random pictures.

I really love taking pictures of this tree.

as well as my building…

Hopefully the weather lasts a little longer.  I can’t wait for spring break!


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