Road Trip

On somewhat of a whim, Ali and I drove to Boston to see the boys track team compete.  Jess and Danny joined as well.  Breaking the land speed record and arriving in Boston just under four hours, we made it to the meet in one piece.  I’d never been to Boston before.

So what did we drive four hours to see?    Aaron hyper-extend his knee in his 400 final… along with Steve trip and fall in his 500 final.


Steve was seeded to win.  First IC4A athlete to win an event three years in a row.  I watched him fall from the opposite end of the track.  By the time I sprinted frantically to the other side, he was on his back just off the track–panting and wincing–covered in red track-burn.  Ouch.

I won’t lie.  I cried.  And screamed “Noo!”  like a little child.  I thought he was hurt much worse than he was.  Just eight stitches on his shoulder from being spiked.

Shockingly, Steve didn’t seem upset about the race at all.  In fact, he was more upset that he didn’t do well enough to make our drive worth it–even apologizing profusely.

In the end, I think we spent only about 3 and a half hours in Boston.  Followed by a 5 and a half hour, traffic-filled, drive home.  The Dunkin Donuts we stopped at didn’t serve Coolatas. (Really?!)  I was infuriated.  Though we saw a nasty accident just outside of New Haven.  I’d never seen two over-turned cars before.

A car-full of firsts!


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