Honesty is something without which nothing else can form.  It is a critical building block of a sturdy foundation to a relationship, but also the sod holding each and every block together.  A new block cannot be placed without trusting that the one before it is safely secure.

Like paint, wallpaper, rugs, and throw pillows; Honesty pulls a room together.  The walls are bare, the floors are left cold.  The comfort level drops without any form of trust.

Lies are the crux of honestly, as most everyone already knows.  A foundation built on lies may as well be built on sand.  Even worse, lies never come alone.  They travel in packs, strengthening each other, making each one more powerful–more harmful.  Security in numbers.  Lies can never stand alone, are never isolated, and always lead to something worse.

“Rather than love, than money, than fame–give me truth.”


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