Subtle Nuances.

Ilana has left me alone in this giant dorm room for six days.  She has been gone about 26 hours and I will admit it; it’s very lonely.  It’s almost as bad as if i were at home, where I live in a house basically by myself.

Aside from having no one to talk to in the room, Ilana leaving allows me to take notice to the subtle nuances in our room that make Casa de Ilana y Liz what it is.

So let’s begin.

Johnny Depp.

He gallantly watches over our room to make sure the rum is never gone.

This handsome face is posted above Ilana’s bed.  We are blessed with those gazing eyes every minute we are in the room.  And yes, if you take notice, I’ve added my own addition to the poster.  One of the Rolling Stone headlines reads “Michael Jackson on Trial”, to which I responded “Too soon?”  Yes, too soon indeed.

The Never Ending Recycling

Our mothers would be so ashamed…

It is truly a travesty that Rutgers housing supplies us with the smallest recycling receptacle known to man.  The university pushes us to recycle and this is all they can do?  Look at how much water we drink!  Okay, maybe I’m making excuses for this overflowing pile of plastic and glass.  But honestly…it is a trip up and down four flights of stairs to the trash room.  It becomes a big deal when we take out trash out.


Orion is a tangible memory of one of our greatest nights at Rutgers

Orion the Patio Chair has been with us since November of 2009.  He’s been all over New Brunswick.  We “stole” him from some house on Lafayette Street.  Carried him to the next party, where patio chairs were not allowed (What is this? I thought Martin Luther King Jr marched for chair equality years ago?!) so we stashed Orion right outside.  Fortunately for us, Orion was there when we returned.  And also there when we returned from the next two parties he waited patiently outside of.  Orion was named very aptly.  While I carried him around the city, I found myself admiring the stars as I normally do.  And which constellation do I always see first?  Orion’s Belt.  Thus, Orion was born.  This chair will come with Ilana and I to our house next semester.  The only question is…who keeps him for the summer?

Christmas Lights

I nearly broke my neck taping these up

Ilana wanted Christmas lights up in the room.  So I told her, if she got them, I’d put them up.  Viola!  A festive room.  They add calming ambiance to the room.  Although they come loose from time to time and I’m forced to re-tape them, it’s no big deal at all.  One must sacrifice life and limb for fashion…or whatever.  (Keep in mind: Ilana is Jewish.)

The Radiator

This thing emits fire, I swear to you.

In our room, there are two radiators.  One behind Ilana’s bed, and the other right next to my chair at my desk.  Come winter time, Housing turns the heat on.  Now, at first you’d think “How sweet of them! No one wants freezing students!”  Yes, this is true.  But no one wants burning, heat-stroke victims either.  This radiator-from-hell breathes fire.  Before I’ve learned its ways, I used to burn my right arm on this every night.  The metal is searing hot.  I have not closed my window above it yet.  I need the cool air to balance out the devil’s breath that comes out of this machine.

So that is our room in a nutshell.  Not really.  But it is a list of the every day things that casually go unnoticed.  I think everything deserves their fifteen minutes of fame at least.


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