It is STILL snowing.

The amount of snow that has fallen over the course of this winter in New Brunswick is insane.  At first, it was beautiful.  The snow began falling one saturday during exams at the end of the fall semester last december.  Now snow is falling in biblical proportions this month.  Since when did I live in such a tundra?

Today’s snow fall was just annoying.  Classes were canceled after sixth period (which means…after 4:30pm for college ave. classes).  But I much would’ve rather just had my classes, and no snow.  The snow didn’t even have the balls to BE SNOW.  It was wet, slushy, and dirty.  It stuck to my jacket, turning my NorthFace into something similar to wet polar bear fur.

and besides, I don’t even mind going to Labor Relations in Professional Sports with Steve at 7:15 pm.  Every Thursday.  For three hours.  (Okay, I mind the three hour part.  Two hours would be perfect.)

Especially tonight.  We were scheduled to start Baseball!


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