There are sequences of events that occur in certain points of your life that leave wanted to scream the question “Really?!”.  And I don’t mean in a good way.

Let me preface with just how lovely my day was going before the massacre began…

I left my 4:30 class, Gender/Race/Class in the Media, feeling good.  I’d just finished an exam I felt very confident about.  Next stop was my dorm to change quickly for the gym.

I consider myself an athletic person.  Post-Knee-Surgery-Recovery, I work out often.  I love to run, but it is far to cold for that here.  So I put on a T-Shirt and some spandex (I’ll admit, I think my butt looks nice enough to pull off the spandex.  There will be no lying here) and rush out the door for a fantastic work out.

My hopes were not shot down.  The workout was indeed great, and that even includes the creepy gym regulars I catch watching me.

6:11 p.m. – Chaos ensues.

I realize I’ve forgotten my key.  Ilana has class at 6:10, so the door is locked and I am screwed.

In any other case, I would’ve simply stayed at the gym a little longer.  Worked on my hammy’s or triceps, treated myself to some extra calorie burning.

HOWEVER, today I had gotten out of class early. Half an hour early.  I am normally at the gym til about 6:50.  No, not today.  Today I have exactly 80 minutes until Ilana is of out class.  Fan-effing-tastic.

First step to a solution?  Call Ilana.  I’ve forgotten my key before.  I had run to her classroom (three blocks away) and met her outside.

Ilana doesn’t answer.  3 missed calls.  She’s in class though, I completely understand.  Hey, I’m the one that’s locked out, not her.

At this point, I’m in front of her class building with no idea as to which room she’s in.  5 missed calls and a text.  Looks like I’m going to have to call campus housing.

I scurry the three blocks back to my building.  Mind you, it’s dark.  It’s cold.  I’m in spandex and a t-shirt.  I’m already tired from the gym, and getting over a cold.  My nose is running.  But hey, look on the bright side…I’m finally getting some outdoor running in.

Campus Housing is no help.  The woman kindly explains that it is after 5 p.m. (to which i wished to respond “Yes, I know, that’s why I’m calling you, and not the housing office”, but i politely refrained) and that she is in charge of the entire campus.  She had three people to get to before me.  It could be awhile.

While on the phone with her, I hear my phone beep informing me that Ilana must have finally seen my missed calls and texts.  She’s only fifteen minutes late, but like i said, I completely forgive her.  I thank the campus housing woman for her help (or lack there of) and hang up.

Ilana calls back again.  I explain that I am en route to her, along with apologizing plenty of times for making her do this for me once again.

Another healthy sprint to the classroom building–over hills and through snow–and there is my knight, or lady I should say, in shining armour Ilana, waiting patiently for me.

I apologize once again, she laughs.  Bless her soul.  I finally have a way into my room.

This is where it gets ugly.

It is already 6:45, I must get back to the dorms, shower and get dressed before she is out of class by 7:30 so we can eat.  By that time, we’re starving.  There’s no being late.

So I book it once again.  My legs are screaming in pain.  My hands are freezing.  My nose is like Niagara Falls.

The lone key slips out of my frigidly numb hands and falls into a pile of snow.


Yes, Liz.  Really.

The key is just a key.  No lanyard.  No key chains.  Just a plain metal key.

Fantastic.  Start digging, Liz.

This is no ordinary pile of snow.  It’s big and it’s basically ice.  Yes, it’s cold.  But we already knew that.  I had been hoping the numbness would save me from the piercing cold snow.  But oh no, I was not given that luxury.

Alas!  After about three and a half minutes of digging…a Key!

I store it safely in the tiny pocket of my spandex and have just enough energy to make it back to my dorm in one piece.

I’m not sure which event I got more satisfaction out of.  The hot shower right when i returned, or blowing my nose into a soft tissue immediately after I entered my room.


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