The time has come.

Some would say I’ve caved.  Others might say “Welcome to the club!”

Regardless…I’ve started a blog.

The idea actually came from my roommate Ilana (or ‘Llama’ as I affectionately call her).  She claims I narrate my life.  And as I’ve come to notice, I actually do.  So this seems like the perfect venue for my thoughts.

Also, James had mentioned once that he wanted to start a blog about his life.  And then proceeded to say “But, I’m boring.”   I thought that doing this might give him the courage to start his own.  I’d love to hear about your life, too, James.  No one is boring.

So prepare to be wow-ed and woo-ed by the mundane, the exciting, the hilarious, and the creative events that occur in my life on a day-to-day basis…


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